The Midas project

The Midas project is a research and development project based on our work with compressed natural fibers and our initiatives with upcycled plastics.  We are researching ways to take this even further by exploring the possibilities of using waste and combining it with other materials.  We will start by researching what is thrown out and see if there are uses for these materials.  We are of the belief that materials that are introduced as valuable and useful should not be one use products to be discarded and forgotten.  When you break down garbage into its basic elements,  there is a possibility of recombining these materials into further useful things. Landfill is simply a bad twentieth century invention.

For the first phase, Steamtank has engaged a team of engineers and designers  to help launch this multi year initiative.

We will start to develop a database of waste and hope to have a commonality to the outcome.  We will publish our research and start to explore the many uses for these materials.

We will explore the many materials and materials that are made from depletable resources and look at ways of introducing disruptive technology in order to minimize the uses of depletable materials and find replacements uses with the current discarded waste materials.

We will research emerging technology to help reduces and use waste and explore the feasibility of each technology. We will look at the possibility of invention utilizing these ideas.

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